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Fire Signs


Standard cast acrylic plastic, acrylic plastic sheet, and other cast resins generally laser-engrave very well. A commonly engraved award is a cast acrylic shape designed to be laser engraved from the back side. Styrene (as in compact disc cases) and many of the thermoforming plastics will tend to melt around the edge of the engraving spot. The result is usually “soft” and has no “etch” contrast.

For signage and face plates, etc., we use special laser-engraving plastics.  Thin cap sheets are easily laser etched off to expose different colored material below.

Other plastics may be successfully engraved, however experimentation on a sample piece is recommended. Expanded plastics, such as foams and vinyls, however are generally candidates for routing rather than laser engraving. Urethane and silicone plastics usually do not work well.

The LaserMax plastic product features a classic, yet durable, matte finish. Its enhanced heat tolerance and UV-stable color foils make LaserMax the laser engraver’s first choice.

Click here to see examples of other plastic products commonly used for laser engraving.

Red 27can laser engrave, laser cut and laser mark a wide variety of plastics to meet the specifications of your project.  Applications include:

American Seafoods Acrylic AwardsKing 5