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Red 27 can laser cut, laser engrave and laser mark leather to your specifications.

Laser marking, laser cutting and laser perforating leather provides a result very similar to hot-branding without fraying. Work on hairy hide or furs can give remarkable results, when it is possible to remove the hair, completely or partially, depending on the desired effects.

Laser engraving on leather works best on light or brown colored leathers. Engraving black leather works, however produces a less contrasting marking.

In the laser engraving process on leather, we can burn any text, logo, or design that can be setup on the computer. The quality of the final imprint depends on the original artwork. The quality will be very good if you have a vector format file of your artwork. High quality JPG files may work as well. We can also set-up artwork for you and have a variety of shapes and clipart on file. Contact us if you have any questions.



Items that we can laser engrave include:

  • belts
  • binders
  • brief cases
  • coasters
  • dog collars
  • journal covers
  • handbags
  • knife sheaths
  • portfolios
  • saddle bags
  • wallets
  • weapon holsters
  • and more